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How to use LinkGenius to manage and display lists of affiliate links

LinkGenius offers a solution for managing and displaying affiliate links, enabling users to organize their links effectively and present them cohesively to their audience. In this article we explain the possibilities or managing your LinkGenius links in list and how you can display them.

Creating Categories and Tags

Creating categories and tags is very similar to creating categories and tags for blogposts. Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Go to LinkGenius -> Categories or LinkGenius -> Tags in the WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. In the form on the left fill in at least the name for the category or tag.
    • If you leave slug empty it will be generated automatically base on the name you provided.
    • Categories allow to select a Parent Category, Tags do not have the option to select a parent.
  3. Click the button “Add New Categorie” or “Add New Tag” under the form.

When you create or edit a LinkGenius link you can select which categories or tags this link should be in. If you are unfamiliar with with how to create a LinkGenius link we advise you to read this article. The boxes for selecting the categories and tags can typically be found on the settings on the right side of your screen, just where you would find the categories and tags for blogposts.

In the Block Editor:

  1. Open the post/page where you want to display the affiliate links.
  2. Click on the (+) icon to add a new block.
  3. Search for “LinkGenius” or scroll down to find the LinkGenius blocks.
  4. Select either the “LinkGenius Category List” or “LinkGenius Tag List” block to add it to your content.
  5. In the block settings, choose a category or tag you want to display.
  6. Customize the appearance, such as layout, order, and styling options.
    • Use templates and separators to create visually appealing layouts.
    • Arrange links alphabetically by title or by the order value specified per link.

Getting the Shortcode:

  • Go to the LinkGenius > Categories or LinkGenius > Tags menu. To find the categorie or tag you like to display the list for.
  • Select the green textinput and copy the shortcode of the category or tag you would like to display.

For categories this shortcode will look as follows:

[linkgenius category="category_slug"]

Inserting Shortcodes:

Inserting the linkgenius shortcode is done the same way you would place any other shortcode.

  • Open the post/page in the Block Editor.
  • Add a shortcode block or insert a shortcode directly into a paragraph block.
  • Paste the generated shortcode into the block.
  • Preview or publish the post/page to see the list of affiliate links displayed.

Shortcodes have the advantage that they can be added anywhere on your website like in the theme also, they are not limited to post/page content only.

The shortcode accepts the following parameters:

  • tag or category: The slug of the tag or category to display the links of
  • sort: Either order (to sort by order value specified for each individual link) or title to sort by title alphabetically

The template for the links can be provided between as content of the shortcode: [linkgenius]{template}[/linkgenius]


By following these steps, you can effectively manage and display a curated list of affiliate links using LinkGenius. Whether you prefer organizing them into categories or tagging them for easy filtering, the plugin offers versatile options for presenting your affiliate content seamlessly and professionally. Utilize blocks and shortcodes in the block editor to create visually appealing displays that enhance user engagement and boost your affiliate marketing efforts.