LinkGenius Pro

LinkGenius is a powerful affiliate link management tool designed to simplify the process of managing, tracking, and optimizing affiliate links for publishers. Whether you’re a blogger, marketer, or content creator, LinkGenius offers a comprehensive set of features to help you maximize your affiliate revenue.

LinkGenius Pro Features

Automatically place LinkGenius in your content based on keywords. Specify which keywords should be linked per affiliate link.

Automatically replace normal links by your affiliate links. Specify which URLs should be replaced by an affiliate link.


Geo-target users by redirecting to different URLs based on location/country.

User-agent targeting

Specify alternative URLs based on the user-agent allowing you to target mobile/desktop users, specific operation systems/browsers or bots.

Schedule when links become active. Redirect to an alternative link after a specified date and time or number of clicks.

Measure CTR

Track clicks of your links in Google Analytics to incorporate it with other data. Customize the event name and parameters. Even track clicks from external websites or without GA4 installed using serverside tracking.

Track Conversion

Track conversion and/or commission of your links in Google Analytics. Allow affiliate networks or advertisers to send a post back whenever you’ve made a sale or lead.

Link Health

Check the final destination of a LinkGenius link and check if it has stays the same over time. Get a notification when destination URLs are broken or changed by redirects.

Incorporate Variables

Use variables in your affiliate URLs and tracking data. Use one of the predefined parameters like client_id, referrer, tags, slug or define your own using a simple hook.

Pricing: Genius Features at a Generous Low Price

Depending on the number of sites you want to use LinkGenius on, there are several plans available. All plans give you acces to the premium features and support. Web Tycoon gives you additional priority support acces.

* Prices are billed annually, the discount price applies to the twelve months.

Frequently asked questions

Can I upgrade from the free version without losing my data?

Absolutely! You can seamlessly upgrade to the pro version at any time to access advanced features and maximize your earnings.

Yes! LinkGenius contains import functionality to import links via CSV and XML files. It also allows you to transfer your links between websites using the WordPress Import/Export functionality.

Is LinkGenius compatible with my theme?

LinkGenius is designed to be compatible with all WordPress themes, ensuring smooth integration with your current website.