Travel Supermarket has an affiliate program in Great Britain. The affiliate program of Travel Supermarket is available at via the affiliate network Admitad and has a commission of 0.00 – 13.10% with a cookie time of 30 days. Further details about the Travel Supermarket at Admitad can be found below.
Network Commission Cookie Time
Admitad 0.00 – 13.10% 30 days Sign up now!
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Travel Supermarket at Admitad

Who Are We? TravelSupermarket is a travel site which offers people in the UK all the comparison tools they need when they’re planning their holiday and want to find the very best one for them. We compare Package Holidays, Car Hire, Flights, Hotels, Holiday Extras, Travel Insurance and dynamic packaging by searching hundreds of travel websites. The information supplied is unbiased and designed to save our customers time and money. We thrive on offering our users accurate real-time availability by taking information directly from suppliers such as Opodo, British Airways, First Choice, Thomson, Holiday Autos, Auto-Europe and many more, ensuring users are presented the best possible price at all times. TravelSupermarket is part of the Group PLC. Our affiliate scheme will focus on click outs to our partner sites on our Holidays and Car Hire channels and sales to our Hotels and Travel Insurance channels. Why Work With Us? We search 1,000s of individual Package Holidays from over 34 suppliers We search over 200 individual Car Hire providers from over 21 suppliers We partner with Hotelscombined to source great Hotel deals, in the UK and abroad We search 400+ holiday insurance policies from over 50 providers. 70% visit to click out rate on average Site visitors pre Corona: 1 million unique visits per month Ability to deep link directly to our results pages Commission Structure   Commission Group Publisher Commission Default GBP 0.00 AIRPARK_OFFAIRPORT 1.54% AIRPARK_ONAIRPORT 1.54% AIRPARK_SELECTED 1.54% AIRPORTHOTELS 1.54% AIRPORTLOUNGES 1.54% ANNUALCOR 13.08% ANNUALPRE 13.08% BACKPACKCOR 13.08% BACKPACKPRE 13.08% COREINSURANCE 13.08% DEFAULT_HX 0.00% HOTELS 3.85% Holiday Deals GBP 0.00 PREEXECINSURANCE 13.08% SINGLECOR 13.08% SINGLEPRE 13.08% carhire 3.85% holidays GBP 0.00 How to populate offers from TravelSupermarket We ensure all internal tracking parameters such as Google Analytics UTM and our own source codes are auto appended by Admitad. This means that all you have to do is find the right link for your activity, easy. For detailed promotional information, please refer to the Publisher pack in the Documents section of the TravelSupermarket profile Hotels Option 1: Generic Hotels landing page Link directly to the Hotels landing page: Option 2: Deeplink to the destination search result To do this take the link to our Hotels landing page (see URL above), populate the destination and date and hit search to get the deeplink URL. Keep in mind that once the date of departure has expired the user will be redirected to the generic destination landing page. See an example below of what this will look like for London Hotel searches:,England,United-Kingdom-c28501/2022-01-01/2022-01-02/2adults?placeId=P158584&placeName=place:London&sort=rank_a   Redirecting deeplink into the generic destination page (default) upon date expiration Option 3: Deeplink into the specific Hotels page Lastly, you can also link to a named hotel by destination. You can do this by populating the destination and dates within the gadget and hit search. Here is an example of what a URL will look like for this result: London: Then select Hotel of choice i.e. Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London:,London-c28501-h315921-details/2022-01-01/2022-01-02/2adults?sid=HRGEHLKlW3#header How do TravelSupermarket pay Hotels Affiliate Commissions? TravelSupermarket pay 5 % commission of the total booking value. For example, if a user purchases a £100 Hotel then this will result in the following commission payable: Total booking value £100 x 5% = £5 commission Car Hire Option 1: Generic Car Hire landing page Link directly to the Car Hire landing page: We wouldn’t advise on deeplinking to the search results page currently as we don’t have a dynamic rolling date variable within the URL, like for Holidays. Therefore, please avoid deeplinking to prevent expiration of search results once the date within the URL has elapsed. PLEASE NOTE:. Due to the current tracking set up, the commission will manually be amended from a static number (£1.04) to 5 % of the booking value. Travel Insurance Generic Travel Insurance landing page Link directly to the Travel Insurance landing page: Holidays Option 1: Generic Holidays landing page Link users to our Holidays landing page using the following URL: Option 2: Deeplinking into search results To do this you will need to prepopulate the search gadget with: City of departure Destination Departure date Number of nights Number of people Click search and copy the URL link. This should look something like this: If you are deeplinking into the Search Results page, you will need to make the following date amend to the “Holidays link”: This is because existing Holiday URLs have a fixed date, therefore if you choose a specific date the URL will expire after that date has elapsed: In order to avoid this you will need to amend the date by replacing bold “2017-11-06” with “dynamic/14”. This will ensure a 14-day rolling date. The URL structure should look something like this: You are free to choose the length of time you would like the URL to roll over dates. For example, you can use 14 for a 14-day window, or 7 for 7 days, or 28 for 28 days. Cookie Window We operate a 30 days cookie window, except for Car hire and Holiday where we operate a 30-minute session window and last click attribution model. Only click outs and sales within this window will be validated. TravelSupermarket do not allow site scrapes.

Start date
0.00 – 13.10%
Cookie Time
30 days
Deeplink supported
Deeplink support: true
Discount codes
Discount codes: true
Search engine marketing
Search engine marketing: true
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Email marketing: true
Cashback allowed
Cashback: true