Star Conflict has an affiliate program in Great Britain. The affiliate program of Star Conflict is available at via the affiliate network Admitad and has a commission of €0.00 – 2.31 with a cookie time of 30 days. Further details about the Star Conflict at Admitad can be found below.
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Star Conflict at Admitad

This Mitgame affiliate program is powered by the Admitad infrastructure.Apply to affiliate program Star Conflict [CPP] Many GEOs!  Star Conflict is a free-to-play space combat action game available for PC. Players take control over a variety of spacecraft of various types and sizes and fight in immersive PvP, cooperative PvE or open world battles.Main features: • 8 vs 8 PvP multiplayer battles on various game modes and dozens of different space locations. • Rich PvE content for single-player and cooperative play, including a massive sandbox Open World spanning multiple space sectors that can be explored alone or in groups. • More than 100 different spacecraft in 9 tactical roles for all tastes and styles of play, including fighters, destroyers, carriers, massive battleships and more. • Extensive upgrade and customization options for all ships including armament, modules, looks and more.Target Audience: • Age: 16 – 45 • Gender: ~95% male • Interested in the following games: any space combat single/multiplayer game/MMO (e.g. Eve Online, Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen, Star Trek Online, No Man‘s Sky, Star Wars Battlefront), space simulators (e.g. X series, Star/Freelancer, Starpoint Gemini), space/sci-fi crafting/sandbox games (e.g. Kerbal Space Program, Space Engineers, Astroneer), tactical/strategic sci-fi games (e.g. XCOM series, FTL), arena- based vehicular combat games (World of Tanks, Warships & Warplanes, TANKI Online, MechWarrior) • Interested in the following topics/hobbies: Science-Fiction movies & books (e.g. Star Wars, Star Trek), Futurism, Astronomy, Space Exploration • Excluding: NoneCREATIVES HARD KPI: at least 7% of confirmed Registrations have to convert into Login, or else the convertions will be authomatically scrapped and shall not be paid. No SEM traffic allowed.  No RU+CIS traffic is allowed. Test limit: 100 Registrations before request for feedback. 

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€0.00 – 2.31
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30 days
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