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Pupps is a brand born out of love for our furry friends and a desire to address their health issues in a trustworthy and tasty way. In a world where living costs are on the rise and there’s just too much confusing information out there, we wanted something straightforward and reliable to keep our pups in tip-top shape. That’s how Pupps came to life – a range of 100% natural health supplements, cleverly disguised as delicious treats that dogs can’t get enough of.We noticed there was something missing in the dog health supplement market in the UK – a young, trendy brand that really stands out and speaks to today’s dog owners. And that’s exactly what we’ve set out to be. We’re riding the wave of social media and building an incredible community, growing at an impressive rate online.Our secret weapon? An army of social content creators who are as passionate about dogs’ health as we are. They’re constantly sharing the Pupps love on their profiles, spreading the word and bringing awareness to what we’re all about. And it’s working – the buzz around our brand just keeps growing.We’re on an exciting journey, and we’re just getting started. As we ride this momentum through the rest of the year and into 2024, we’re on the lookout for affiliates who are ready to jump on board and grow with us.

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