Woodestic has an affiliate program in Spain. The affiliate program of Woodestic is available at via the affiliate network Admitad and has a commission of 10.00% with a cookie time of 30 days. Further details about the Woodestic at Admitad can be found below.
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About our company: Woodestic is a premium wooden board game manufacturer founded in Hungary in 2012. We are an enthusiastic team handcrafting and selling high-quality wooden board games worldwide. Our mission is to provide a unique and lasting gaming experience for people, in the form of board games, anywhere in the world!Woodestic Crokinole Tournament: Crokinole, a timeless tabletop skill game that blends dexterity, strategy, and fun, has its roots in 19th-century Canada. In recent times, it has experienced a resurgence in popularity on this side of the Atlantic.Woodestic Crokinole Elite: These stunning boards are made individually. The pattern of the intarsia is all unique, with no duplications, and there is only ONE board from each pattern. All of the intarsias are designed by our craftsman, the items are placed into their place one by one. The leather ditch is made carefully by a professional manufacturer who makes sure that the result is the most premium crokinole ditch ever.Woodestic Crokinole Exclusive: Tournament-size Crokinole with the image of your choice printed on the surface of the board.Woodestic Crokinole Mini: This board is an excellent option for individuals with restricted space who desire a high-quality board. Moreover, it’s well-suited for children who might find a full-sized board too cumbersome for their play.Woodestic Carrom: It all began with a single glass-surfaced Carrom board found in a palace in Patiala, India. The basic rules are similar to billiards at first glance, where the objective is to shoot discs (the Carrom men and the Queen) into holes in the corners of the court using a larger shooting disc.Woodestic PitRush: PitRush is a family board game originating from Hungary, accommodating 2-6 players. It offers two distinct gameplay modes tailored to various preferences. One involves lively and chaotic mass swiping, while the other demands strategic and tactical skill.Woodestic Sling: Sling is an exhilarating tabletop flicking game designed for you and your friends to enjoy. In this game, participants aim to propel all of their discs across the table to strike their opponents’ discs, trigger the lock, and secure a triumphant win.User-friendly website: The website is designed to provide a streamlined shopping experience for customers. https://woodestic.com/Social media: Various social media platforms, and a strong presence in different media.Facebook Instagram TikTok Twitter YouTubeAbout our customers:GenderFemale: ~30% Male: ~70%Age18-34: ~20% 35-54: ~45% 55+: ~35%More:Mostly highly educated (university) Most of them buy the boards as a gift for someone 5000+ satisfied customers They appreciate that they get more for their moneyCampaign Description: Woodestic provides an opportunity for the publisher to earn commission every time a customer purchases through Admitad’s affiliate link.Campaign Objective: The cooperation aims to drive traffic and increase sales on Woodestic website.Commission rate for affiliates: For such high-value products 10% commission is a great deal. The commission is paid after board game sets only.Tracking clarity: 30-Day Cookie Period – Visitors from affiliate sites can generate sales and earn commissions within 30 days of clicking.GEO: Worldwide. You can be anywhere in the world, our goal is to spread the joy of Woodestic games all over the world.Let’s game! 🙂

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