Suunto has an affiliate program in Germany. The affiliate program of Suunto is available at via the affiliate network Admitad and has a commission of 3.00% with a cookie time of 30 days. Further details about the Suunto at Admitad can be found below.
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Admitad3.00%30 daysSign up now!
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Suunto has affiliate programs in multiple countries, other countries where Suunto is active are listed below.

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Suunto at Admitad

Suunto’s Partner NetworkWho we are today?OUR HERITAGE MADE USWe stand for adventure. Pioneering exploration has been in our DNA since 1936.It’s about always looking to mentally or physically challenge yourself, whether it’s a long run, a tough climb or a deep dive.Above all, adventure is a mindset. It’s about new experiences and just getting out there regardless of the size of the challenge.If there is only one word to define Suunto as a brand, it’s ADVENTURE Reasons to join Suunto’s Partner Network.     ●        30 day cookie length    ●        Exclusive offers and discounts    ●        Fast sales validation process    ●        Brand creativities, products and commercial campaigns for a wide range of media and devices.    ●        You’ll promote a healthy, active and adventurous lifestyle What are we looking for?·        Respectful towards the brand. Please read our terms and conditions carefully.·        Respect towards users: Create quality content, well written where the information is real. If you have any questions about any of our products, please do not hesitate in asking.·        Transparency: Overall we want you to be our long lasting partner and for that we believe transparency is crucial so we need to know how you generate your traffic and the sales you achieve.·        Proactivity: We’d like you to align with our brand, proposing new ways and optimizing your campaigns. We will provide you with updated information, offers and ideas to help you create the best content to generate sales.·        Love for our products. We love it, so we will value very much that our partner treats our brand and product with the same care as we do. Before applying for our Partner Network, please have in mind·      Make sure your site is live and working correctly·      Make sure your web design is carefully presented.·        We are looking for updated and quality content only·        We have a respectful but keen eye on how our partners promote our competitors or other brands.·        We need that our partner’s audience and content is relevant for our brand.·        Make sure that your traffic sources are aligned with the program ‘s terms & conditionsPlease make sure  you meet these requirements before applying for the Program since we will not be able to validate your request if we find any point in dissonance with the aforementioned.Validation and payment timings.Partnerships sales will be reviewed and processed, passing from pending, to confirmed and/or cancelled within 30 days from the date of registration of transactions on the platform.Attribution windowProgram’s attribution window is 30 days post click.Type of partners we are looking for:·        Content, verticals and niche specialized sites·        Social media·        Influencers (IG, Tik Tok, Twitter, Twitch)·        Youtubers·        Price comparison sites·        Display Performance We will review specially and value case by case our collaboration with:·        Incentive and offers sites·        Coupons and voucher sites.      Cashback & Loyalties Program’s restrictionsPlease read our terms and conditions carefully. You can find the main points here:·        It ‘s not allowed to bid for the brand name, misspellings, brand+generic in any search engine (Ex. Suuunto, Sunto, Suunto Offer, Discount Suunto, etc). Please Make sure that before starting to work the program, you put on negative our keywords in both broad and exact match.·        Partners are not allowed to include Suunto’s brand in their domain nor to create a web looking similar to Suunto’s. The partner cannot in any way try to impersonate another partner/ affiliate nor can they carry out activities that may intervene in the correct allocation of commissions such as site-under, pop-ups, pop-under, cookie dropping among other activities such as Toolbars, extensions, malicious software·        It is not allowed to publish content on Suunto or any of its products where misleading or false information is provided to the user.·        Claims for untracked sales are not accepted once the sales for the corresponding month have been validated.·      Partners may not promote discount coupons or offers that they have not been given access to through Admitad. Neither will they be able to use discount coupons promoted in other channels than partner/ affiliate channels, nor discount coupons from countries other than those included in the program. Sales generated through a discount coupon not provided the aforementioned way will be canceled.·        Partners must avoid competing in SEO for keywords that are strategic for the brand.·        Partner links must contain rel=”nofollow” or direct to a medium page blocked by a robots.txt file·       In case of promoting the brand by email marketing, you must strictly comply with the current data protection policy and must not give the user to understand that it is Suunto that is sending the email.·        You cannot in any way try to force a click either through a banner or through a call to action that is “misleading or not transparent” to the end user.·        Partners cannot assign their links to a third party without making it known and having the express written authorization of Suunto.·       Before any necessary change in the content, either in the image or in the copy, you must answer us quickly and never beyond 24 hours if the change is urgent (indicated in subject).· Partners cannot alter the pieces (banners) without previously consulting with Suunto to have their express written authorization. You must review the terms and conditions to be able to know what the applicable sanctions are, however, in case of violation of the terms, the sanctions contemplated are:· Expulsion from the program with immediate effect.· Cancellation of pending sales in the program.· Refund of commissions by the partner (in case of having been generated fraudulently).· Compensation in case of serious damage caused to the brand.

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